Hiking around Lander

Breath in a deep breath of our fresh air. Touch the crackly bark of pines or the velvet moss lining tree and rock. Experience our natural water slides, climb our rocky crags, quietly view our animals, and film our breathtaking scenery. 

Sinks Canyon State Park
Sinks Canyon is a beautiful nature preserve filled with a wide variety of vibrant ecosystems. Well known for the mysterious Sinks and Rise, Sinks Canyon is home to the Popo Agie River. Enjoy hiking, climbing, biking, fishing and more.
Red Canyon
Beautiful Red Canyon is the perfect portrait due to the exposed chugwater sandstone. Stop and take a picture or hike down to enjoy the geological formations and breathtaking scenery up close. Keep a look out for deer and other wildlife!
Johnny Behind the Rocks
Beautiful red rock gorges and canyon ridges drawers mountain bikers, horseback riders and hikers for miles around.
Shoshone Forest
Beautiful varied scenery. Lakes and forests, mountains and rocky craigs. Bring bear spray and drive the loop road!

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