How far are we from Yellowstone?

It depends on which gate you enter. The southern gate through the Tetons is about a three hour drive, whereas the eastern gate is about a 3 hour and 45 minute drive. Keep in mind this is just the distance to the gates. Yellowstone is a massive park and it can take time to drive from the gates to the geysers, not to mention wildlife traffic delays.  

Are there bears in the RV park?

No, there are no bears in our RV Park. We have visiting deer and occasional beavers but no bears. There are bears however in the surrounding mountains, especially in the higher elevations.

Cell Service?

There is actually a Verizon tower in town. Most sizable towns you pass will have cell service, but expect that service to drop once you leave. Wyoming is beautiful, put your phone to the side and enjoy our scenery, our eateries and our wildlife!

I heard a loud siren!

Lander has a volunteer fire department. The siren you hear is the fire whistle calling out our fire department. 

Can your park fit my rig?

Motor homes are getting bigger and bigger every year. Our park has 50 foot and 70 foot pull throughs. Nearly all of our pull through sites have trees. Our best view sites are 60 foot back in/pull in and they do not have trees. We do have one 80 foot back in site as well. 

When does your park close?

Our park is actually open year round and the managers live onsite to more immediately assist our guests needs. While the park is always open, the office is closed occasionally on some holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, ect. We close the office when we take our short vacations during the winter.

How far are you from town?

We are located on a small hill that overlooks Lander City and Lander valley. It is a 3 -5 minute drive into town, or a 20 minute walk. 

What time is check in/check out?

Check in begins at 2 pm. Check out is at 11:00 am. You can request a late check out time of 12:30 pm which we will do our best to accommodate. 

Do you allow pets?

Yes we do allow pets. We understand your furry friends are family members so why leave them behind on your exciting adventure? All pets must remain under your supervision and on a leash/fenced in at all times. Lander is a beautiful town with lots of wildlife and these rules are for your dear pets safety.